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Experience a fun thrilling time away from work at Desaru! Enjoy various types of fishing application at this destination, targeting species like the Spanish Mackerel and other pelagic species by lure casting, jigging and bottom fishing. 
Located in Pengerang, Kota Tinggi District of Malaysia, Desaru is famous for its pristine beach beside the South China Sea. Although many boats are operating around the area, our captain hold spots which will guarantee catch. 
Take on the hard-taking Spanish Mackerel on lure casting, or other pelagic and trevally on light jigging. Desaru is the destination which holds a wide variety of fish which you and your family or friends will enjoy!

Best Fishing Season
The Spanish Mackerel is a target of most lure casting enthusiasts as it has one of the fiercest takes which are known to strike even beside the boat, it is known for its razor-sharp teeth, cutting off angler’s leader while allowing the lure sink. Best fishing period to target them are between March to   October as pass the migratory path.
Other species such as Queen Fish, Cobia, Giant Trevally are available all year round and is mostly targeted by light jigging enthusiast. Jig above a shipwreck which are home to plenty of fishes known for their home-runs. Fishing during the right current will keep you busy jigging the whole day as you will get hits after hits.

Fishing Tackle
For lure casting, casting rods with line ratings from PE1 to PE3 with a length of 7 feet and above would be recommended. Spinning reel sizes from 4,000 to 6,000 to match your rod. Lines from 30lbs to 50lbs with at least 300 meters and 40-60lbs fluorocarbon leaders is advised. Lastly, Heavy sinking minnows from 40-60g to achieve good casting distance.
For jigging, jigging rods rating from PE0.8 to PE2 is highly recommended to yank fishes out from structures. Spinning reel sizes from 2000-4000 to match your rod. Jigs various from 20g to 100g depending on the current, and braided lines from 15lbs to 30lbs with 20lbs-40lbs shock leader.

2-way transport from Singapore (1 pick-up point) to the dock will be included. If you are travelling from other country, transport from the nearest airport can be further arranged.

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