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Introduction of Mongolia fishing
Among the great plains of eastern Mongolia, lies the Khalkh River, which is home to the largest Trout species, the legendary Hucho Taimen. This prehistoric fish grows up to an average size of 1.2m in length and effectively takes all sorts of lures and flies. The Taimen's usual hangout are in the crystal clear rapids and pools of the Khalkh river. Fish the Khalkh river off a rubber dinghy and stop at productive areas to cast. Other species include Mongolian Lenok Trout, Brown Trout, and Amur Pike.

Best Fishing Season
Fish the pristine crystal clear waters of the Khalkh River situated in eastern Mongolia, near the borders of China. The best time of the year to catch that monster sized Taimen is when they are migrating downstream during the opening season of September and October.

Types of fishing 
The most effective type of fishing will be Lure and Fly fishing. As the Khalkh River is generally shallow, targeting the shallow column for Taimen and Lenok species is the way to go. Usage of shallow or floating plugs/flies is the best way to hit them here.

For lure casting, either spinning or baitcasting rods with generally fast action blanks and up to 25lb line rating would suffice. Spinning reels ranging from 2500-3000 and 100-200 sized baitcasting reels would best suit the application. Lures like shallow plugs ranging from 60-100mm, spoons, and spinners are most effective. Topwater pencils and poppers are worth a shot, sizes ranging from 60-100mm.

For Fly Fishing, a weight 5-8 fly rod would suffice. Dry flies equipped with floating line would be absolutely perfect.

Fishing will be done on inflatable dinghies while drifting downstream and on foot if you wish to stop at any point to fish at prominent spots like rapids or bottlenecks in the river.


Experience living in a traditional Mongol Ger Hut! Enjoy traditional Mongolian meals which will be fully provided. 

Transportation will also be included from airport as well as daily transportation between fishing spots and lodging camp.

Contact us if you wish to find out more!

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