Caught my first trevally on jigs and landed my first sailfish

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Was greeted by Choo in the morning and he fetched us to Rompin with his excellent driving yet safe skills. 
Upon reaching Malaysia, Choo suggested breakfast at a Indian-Muslim food as it was one of the shop which was still opened. After breakfast, we proceeded with our journey to the jetty as Choo briefed us on what the expect and how to target specific target we were aiming. 
We reached the jetty as the sun rises and Captain Kok Siong was already there waiting for us. Boat was well equipped with GPS, Fishfinder and a toilet. Most importantly, it was clean and spacious for casting. 
Fishing was really great with captain kok siong morning we were out chasing after sailfish when the hit rate die down, we went for light jigging to target some pelagic fishes such as Giant Trevally, Diamond Trevally and Long Fin Trevally. 
One of the most experienced and hardworking captain. I have met in Rompin. After fishing, Choo brought us to our homestay to wash up which was very clean and tidy. 
Dinner was decent as we sent our tuskfish to them and they had it well prepare for us. All my friend including myself are very happy with all the fishing and service provided. We will definitely be doing more booking with to try other destination.

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