Day out for Giant Snakeheads

Decided to try freshwater fishing in Malaysia as I browsing thru DMC's website. Sepayang stood out as I stumble across those catches of beautiful Giant Snakeads
Contacted my friend James and he responsed. I then sent DMC a message on their Facebook page and their customer service officer contacted me about 5 mins later. Confirmed the trip and was waiting for the day to come! Everything is well arrange before han ...


Caught my first trevally on jigs and landed my first sailfish

Was greeted by Choo in the morning and he fetched us to Rompin with his excellent driving yet safe skills. 
Upon reaching Malaysia, Choo suggested breakfast at a Indian-Muslim food as it was one of the shop which was still opened. After breakfast, we proceeded with our journey to the jetty as Choo briefed us on what the expect and how to target specific target we were aiming. 
We rea ...


A shared trip with a group of 4 paxs

Decided to join a shared trip as my usual kakis weren't able to make it for the trip . Contacted DMC and they confirmed my slot instantly. 
On the day, Choo from DMC picked us up from 3 different location before heading to Rompin at 4pm. We reached JB around an hour later and went for a nice but sinful dinner which Choo has introduced us to, followed by an two and a half hour drive up to Rompin.