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Karnali River, Chisapani

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Experience the beauty of the nature while casting into the glacier river of Karnali, that flows all the way from the Great Himalayas. Feel the power and strength of the biggest fish in the Mahseer family, the majestic Himalayan Golden Mahseer and many other exotic targets. Be it on lure or fly, contact us and we can tailor the perfect trip to suit your requirement.

Best Fishing Season
The best time for Mahseer fishing would be between October to May, where the bigger Mahseer would migrate downstream towards the main river of Ghagara River.  If targeting Goonch, all times of the year would be suitable.

Fishing Tackle
Recommended Rod Ratings: Up to PE4 or 30lb Rod rating
Recommended Reel Sizes: 4000 (Spinning), 200 (Baitcasting) [Based on Shimano Size]
Recommended Line Rating: 30-40lb Braid
Recommended Lures: Spoons up to 40g, Shallow / mid diving Minnows from 70mm-140mm, Heavy sinking minnows up to 40g.
Fishing for Mahseer requires good tackle, from the reel, line, rod, lure, split rings, and hooks. Mahseer are hard fighters and a good sized one can take 50m-100m downstream on the first run. As the waters of the river are typically fast flowing, a rod with a fast action rod would be required when bringing the fish back against the current. Upgrading the hooks and split rings on the lure is vital in landing lunkers. Another important point to note is the line capacity on the reels.

Anglers will be living in an eco lodge situated 40mins drive from the river. It is fully furnished with a bathroom and bedding.

All transport from airport and lodge, as well as transport from lodge to the fishing spots will be included.

All meals are served before, during, and after fishing. Breakfast will be served before heading out to fish. Lunch will be served during fishing. Dinner will be served after fishing when back at the lodge. All meals are included in all packages.

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