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Puala Jarak

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Pulau Jarak is a small island in the Strait of Malacca and is the newest destination for diving or sport fishing in Setiawan, Perak. It lies approximately 34 kilometers southwest of the town of Lumut, in the state of Perak. This small island is barely 8 hectares (16 football fields) and rises 50m above sea level. It is covered with lush vegetation, among which many eagles nest. There is no beach on Pulau Jarak, only rocks sloping down to the sandy seabed with small patches of stony, hard and soft corals. The island is surrounded by cliffs and rocky coast virtually inaccessible, making the pristine wonders of Pulau Jarak as place where anglers would like to visit. The water around Strait of Malacca is another location where slow jigging enthusiast would like to go hunting for Giant Grouper as it is the most targeted species there.

 Best Fishing Season

The Giant Grouper is a target of most slow jigging enthusiasts as it has one of the most dirtiest fighting fish that will straight away go back to snag once hooked up. They can grow up to 100 over kg in weight which are known to strike anything that come in front of it. Best fishing period to target them are between Nov to Dec.

Other species such as Queen Fish, Cobia, Giant Trevally are available all year round and is mostly targeted by light jigging enthusiast. Jig above beautiful coral reefs which are home to plenty of fishes known for their home-runs. Fishing during the right current will keep you busy jigging the whole day as you will get hits after hits.

Fishing Tackle

For lure casting, rods with line ratings from PE1 to PE4 with a length of 7 feet and above would be recommended. Spinning reel sizes from 4,000 to 6,000 to match your rod. Lines from 30lbs to 50lbs with at least 300 meters and 40-60lbs fluorocarbon leaders is advised. Lastly, heavy sinking minnows from 40-60g to achieve good casting distance.

For Slow Jigging, slow jigging rods rating from PE1.5 to PE2.5 is highly recommended to yank fishes out from structures. Overhead reel from with PE2-PE3 line to match your rod. Jigs various from 150g to 400g depending on the current with 20lbs-40lbs shock leader.


2-way transport from Singapore (1 pick-up point) to the Sitiwan will be included. Another option is to fly to Ipoh, our transport will fetch you from the airport. If you are travelling from other country, transport from the nearest airport can be further arranged.

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