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Sungai Besar

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Challenge yourself on a jigging trip in a well-known fishing village in Malaysia, Sungei Besar. Located towards the western part of Malaysia, Sungei Besar is one of the best locations in Malaysia to target Giant Groupers and hard-hitting Golden Snappers.

Best Fishing Season

Giant Groupers are one of the species which many slow-fall anglers target as they are know for brute strength and infamous ‘’home-run’’. Grouper fishing is available all year round and there is no specific time of the year to target them.

Other species such as the Golden Snappers are available from April to June and is another favorite target species by light jigging and slow fall enthusiast. While drifting pass the home of the Golden Snapper, be prepare for a merry go round on the boat as the school of Snappers will keep the whole boat busy.

Fishing Tackle

For Slow Fall Fishing, a Slow Fall rod with ratings from power 1 to 3 would be recommended as to yank Giant Grouper to prevent ‘’home-run’’. Overhead reel from 1500 to 3000 size (Shimano) or 15 – 30 size (Daiwa) to match your rod. Lines from PE 1.5 to PE 3 with at least 300 meters and 40 to 60lbs fluorocarbon leaders is advised. Lastly, Slow Fall jigs from 150g to 350g to keep the jigging near the bottom.

For jigging, jigging rods rating from PE0.8 to PE2 is highly recommended to yank fishes out from structures. Spinning reel sizes from 2000-4000 to match your rod. Jigs various from 20g to 100g depending on the current, and braided lines from 15lbs to 30lbs with 20lbs-40lbs shock leader.


2-way transport from Singapore (1 pick-up point) to the dock will be included. If you are travelling from other country, transport from the nearest airport can be further arranged. 

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