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Royal Belum National Park, Lake Temenggor and Lake Beris

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Best Fishing Season

Fishing season for the Water Catchment Area in Royal Belum Rainforest (The Oldest Rainforest in South East Asia ) Lake Temenggor and Lake Beris is usually thruout the whole year thou its normally wet and rainy during the month of June, December, Jan and Feb . Fishing can still be done during this period, jus that the rainforest water in catchment area will be high due to the heavy rainfall. Below will be a general information on the different species available, but this information can only be a guide. Catch and Release Fishing.

The Giant Snakeheads is a target of most Luring enthusiasts as it has one of the fiercest fights of the Fresh Water species. it is known for its circle of death. Best fishing period to target them are between October to November.

The Jungle Perch are the next favorite target species for the anglers ,which are notoriously known for their brute powers. Best fishing period to target them are between March to November. 

Fishing Tackle

For Lure casting, Casting rods with line ratings from PE2 to PE4 with a length of 7 feet and above would be recommended. Spinning reel sizes from 4,000 to 6,000 to match your rod. Lines from 30lbs to 50lbs .60lbs fluorocarbon leaders is advised. Lastly, Crank Baits , Spinner Baits and Top water lure to achieve good results. 


Singapore to Grik (nearest town to Royal Belum) in Perak is 61/2hrs by road.

The nearest Airport to Grik is in Ipoh Perak and is 1/1/2 by road.

From KLIA in Sepang ( Kulau Lumpur Airport) to Grik will be 4hrs by road.

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