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Giant Snakehead @ Kaoshuing City, Taiwan

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Giant Snakehead Fishing @ Kaoshuing City, Taiwan


The Giant Snakehead is the largest among the snakehead species that can grow more than 1 meter long and 15kg in weight. This fearsome fighter has razor sharp teeth and a powerful jaw which can snap any prey into half, with its ability to terminate any species in the dam the giant snakehead kills more fish than it can consume if anything gets into its way.

The giant snakehead is one of the main targeted species for sport fishing anglers around South East Asia due to its nasty fight once they are hooked up and they tend to fight all the way till they are landed and often get snapped on most topwater lures.

If you are looking for real massive Giant Snakehead you got the right place, traveling to Taiwan with DMC Fishing will get you the largest Snakehead which can grow more than 10 kg and it is constantly hooked up at any time of the year due to the healthy ecosystem with no shortage of food source.


All Year Round

Recommended Tackle

Recommended Rod Ratings: PE1-3 or PE2-4 in snaggy areas.

Recommended Reel Sizes: 2500-4000 (Spinning), 100-300 (Baitcasting) [Based on Daiwa Size]

Recommended Line Rating: 20-60lb Braid

Recommended Leader Line: 40-80lbs

Recommended Lures: 100-150mm Topwater Pencils/Poppers, Jerkbaits up to 1m/Suspend or Floating Crankbait 89-120mm Depth 3-8m.


 Charter Inclusive

·        Wooden Boat with casting platform for max 4 angler plus 1 guide 1 boatman.

·        Accommodation (Room-sharing basis)

·        No meals provided.

·        Fishing time is 0630am to 11am for the first half and second half starts from 2pm till last light.

·        1 DMC Fishing guide will be provided throughout the trip.

·        Tour/Tackle briefing prior to the trip can be arranged accordingly.

Flight/Trip Transfer Details

Land Transport: Two-way transport to and from Kaohsiung airport to fishing spot (Approximately 3 hours).  Should guests opt for another pick up location, advanced notification has to be provided with additional costs to be advised as applicable.  Only 1 pick up/drop off timing per group will be scheduled so if guests arrive at different arrival times, transport will be arranged based on the latest arrival time of the guests.

Accommodation & Personal Belongings

Accommodation is a beautiful resort where the group will be housed in a bungalow.  Do feel free to bring additional personal belongings that you think is necessary to provide you that additional personal comfort.


Food & Drinks

No meals will be provided during the whole duration of the fishing trip. However, there are plenty of restaurants and convenience store that you can get food and drinks.


Other Terms & Conditions:

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