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Rote Island

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Introduction (Rote Island)

Experience the ultimate bluewater fishing at Rote Island! Enjoy various types of big-game fishing at this destination, targeting species like the Giant Trevally & Dogtooth Tuna by popping or jigging!

Located towards the south eastern part of Indonesia, Rote Island is one of the many islands that are situated just opposite of Darwin, Australia. Although it is a populated island, Rote Island’s fishing productivity is absolutely amazing. The crystal clear blue waters around the island are unpressured from any angling activities, and are rich with a variety of species.


 Take on either the backbreaking challenge of the brutal Giant Trevally on popping, or the endless stamina of the legendary Dogtooth Tuna on jigging, or both, Rote Island is the destination that you’ve been dreaming of for your journey to land that dream fish!


Best Fishing Season

The legendary Dogtooth Tuna is a target of most jigging enthusiasts, as it has an immense amount of stamina and tenacity, it can easily take up to 100m of line in its first burst, cutting you off if there are any structures below! The waters around Rote Island is known to hold some serious sized monsters and it is productive all year round. Take a look at our package with includes proposed dates all year round to suit your schedule, or pair it with a GT Popping trip package.

The mighty Giant Trevally on the other hand, is what brings lure casting game to the next level. The thrill of the electrifying top-water takes, followed by the backbreaking tug of war is what GT Popping enthusiasts seek. GT Popping is extremely productive at the neighboring islands Pulau Raijua and Little Dana, which are home to massive GTs with the average size of above 1m in length! Popping will be done at the islands of Pulau Raijua and Little Dana Island, and the recommended time of the year would be between September to April.


Fishing Tackle

For targeting Dogtooth Tuna on jigs, rods with line ratings from up to PE3 to PE6 (50-80lb) would be advised. Spinning reel sizes from 8000 to 14,000 (Shimano) and Overhead reel sizes from 2000 to 5000 (Shimano) would be advised. Lines from 50lb – 80lb braid (PE3-PE6) with a good line capacity and 60-80lb fluorocarbon leaders would be recommended. Productive jigs would include long profile 100-250g with 250lb Kevlar hooks equipped.


For GT popping, a GT popping rod that can handle stick baits from PE 6-8 and PE 10-12 would be recommended. Spinning reel sizes from 14000 to 18000 (Shimano) to match the rods. Chuggers and stickbaits from 100-200g, up to 220mm in length, and braided lines from 80-100lb (PE6-10) with 200lb shock leaders.



Rote Island: Villa Oenggaut

Villa lla Oenggaut, on Rote island, is situated on 5000 square meters of prime beach frontage offering stunning views. The Villa was developed by the owners to cater for their surfing and fishing passions and desire for an exclusive retreat.

Offering four large bedrooms, each with private outdoor ensuite, the main villa sleeps up to 10 people. Additional guest, can be catered in separate accommodation at the rear of the property. Last but not least, enjoy the selections of water activities for the whole family.


All transport from airport and resort, as well as transport from resort to the docks will be included. Flights from Kupang to and from Rote Island will be included as well.



All meals are served on and off the boat. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in all packages, ranging from Western to Indonesian Cuisines. Fish caught can be cooked as well!

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