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Pulau Aur

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Brief Introduction about Pulau Aur:
Pulau Aur is one of the islands situated off Mersing Waters. It is a pristine island right beside Pulau Dayang which has arguably the clearest water due to its remoteness from the mainland of peninsular Malaysia. It takes 2 hours by speedboat from Mersing to cover approximately 76km. 

Pulau Aur was appointed as a Marine Park in 1994 and later nominated as a National Park in 2003 due to the rich presence of mangrove swamps and rainforests on top of its beautiful coral reefs teeming with marine life. The diverse aquatic wildlife that inhabit this underwater haven make it an ideal spot for scuba-diving, diving and fishing. 

Having a BBQ at night, taking hikes into the forest and up the hills for breathtaking views, snorkelling and island-hopping are the activities you can look forward to at Pulau Aur.
(BBQ and other activities mentioned above will not be arranged unless specifically requested, may require extension of a few days to fit desired itinerary)

Primary methods of fishing:
Jigging and some light casting will be the primary methods of fishing there. Groupers and Coral trout are the main target species off the bottom with the occasional pelagics such as the Giant trevally’s, Diamond trevallys and even Spanish Mackerel being caught from time to time. Pulau Aur offers anglers a wide variety of fish to be caught !

About the Vessel:
You’ll be fishing aboard a fully equipped sportfisher that can comfortably seat 6 people including our experienced Captain and deckie who is familiar with the waters off the islands ! Do note that there is no toilet aboard the vessel so you’ll have to return to the island for any "big business". 

About Accommodation & Food:
As for the accommodation, you’ll be staying in an air conditioned “kampung resort” with a beachfront view. Do bring extra layers like a jacket or sleeping bag as it tends to get chilly at night. The showers are not equipped with water heaters which some may need to get used to. 

Food wise, 3 scrumptious meals will be cooked daily. With the option to return to your residence for lunch or to pack it with you in the morning and spend the whole day on the water.
The food tends to be on the spicier side so do let us know if you have any food preferences or special dietary requirements. 

Recommended Tackle 

Vertical Jigging 
  • Recommended Rod Ratings PE1-3
  • Recommended Reel Sizes 2500 - 4000 (Spinning)
  • Recommended Line Rating 15lbs to 30lbs braided lines with 300m of line capacity 
  • Recommended Leader Line 25lbs - 40lbs 
  • Recommended Jigs weight 20g to 80g, but you’ll be using 40g-60g mostly unless adverse weather conditions require you to adapt.

Light Casting 
  • Recommended Rod Ratins PE2-4
  • Recommended Reel Sizes 4000-5000(Spinning)
  • Recommended Line Rating PE 3-4
  • Recommended Leader Line 60lbs-80lbs
  • Recommended lure sizes 130mm-250mm

Charter Inclusive 
  • 50ft boat for fishing (6pax max) 
  • Accommodation/Homestay (Quad room sharing) 
  • 2 Way transport with doorstep pickup and dropoff
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided,
  • Mineral Water and Isotonic Drinks 
  • Mineral water provided onboard
  • Fishing Equipment available on rental basis 

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